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Evaluation of the 16-19 Bursary Fund: year 1 report

Callanan, Meg and Griggs, Julia and Lloyd, Cheryl and Kitchen, Sarah and Wollny, Ivonne, Department for Education (DFE)
NatCen Social Research, corp creators. (2013) Evaluation of the 16-19 Bursary Fund: year 1 report. [ Research report (Great Britain. Department for Education) ]

Volume/Part: RR265 - Published Version
Available under License Open Government Licence.

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Key Findings:  The total number of young people in England receiving a Defined Vulnerable Group (DVG) Bursary in 2011/12 is estimated to be 27,400. The total number of students awarded Discretionary Bursaries in 2011/12 in England is estimated to be 251,800. -  Profiles of applicants and recipients for DVG and Discretionary Bursaries across all characteristics were very similar, suggesting that no groups were more or less likely to be awarded Bursaries if they applied. -  The majority of providers used income-related criteria to determine eligibility for Discretionary Bursaries, with Free School Meal entitlement, household income and household benefit receipt being the most common criteria. Other eligibility criteria used by providers included identifying financial needs, transport costs and equipment needs. -  Discretionary Bursaries were most commonly awarded to cover the costs of transport or educational equipment. -  In-kind awards were used by more than a quarter (27%) of providers for at least some Bursaries and by a smaller proportion (12%) for all Bursary awards. -  Two-thirds of providers (68%) thought that the Bursary Fund was effective in targeting young people with the greatest barriers to participation.

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