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Review of disability equality schemes and practice in schools and pupil referral units

Estyn (Her Majesty's Inspectorate for Education and Training in Wales), corp creator. (2011) Review of disability equality schemes and practice in schools and pupil referral units.

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Over the last three years, mainstream schools and pupil referral units (PRUs) have improved the way they promote disability equality and access but special schools succeed better than both sectors. Almost all schools and PRUs have a published accessibility plan and a disability equality scheme that includes an updated action plan which is approved by their governing body. Schools’ schemes, action plans and practice vary considerably in scope and quality. The best action plans identify intended actions, timelines and responsibilities for actions. The majority of schemes focus on pupils with physical or visible disabilities, rather than the full range of disabilities. Most parents and pupils are unaware of these plans and schemes. Schools and PRUs do not evaluate the impact of their schemes well enough. In most schools and PRUs, better partnership working is improving outcomes for people with disabilities. Partnerships between special and mainstream schools widen the opportunities and improve support for pupils with disabilities. Most pupils with disabilities and their parents are positive about the pupils’ educational and social progress. Most schools and PRUs make favourable adjustments and adaptations to the curriculum and the school environment that are appropriate to pupils’ individual needs. All schools have anti-bullying policies. Although a small minority of pupils with disabilities in mainstream schools say that they have been bullied, they are positive about the actions their schools take to address this bullying. Throughout this report, the term ‘schools’ will refer to mainstream and special schools and PRUs.

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