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Formula allocations to support the development and implementation of learning and teaching strategies

We are providing £158.5 million of TQEF funding over three years to support institutions' learning and teaching strategies. We invited institutions to apply for funds in HEFCE 2006/11.

We have amalgamated a number of funding streams which has broadened the scope of learning and teaching strategies. This is reflected in the national priority areas we have identified: institutions were asked to consider these in developing their learning and teaching strategies:

  • ensuring that teaching is informed and enriched by research
  • supporting continuing professional development activity, enabling staff to meet agreed national teaching standards and building a record of attainment against these standards
  • broadening the learning experience through support for student volunteering
  • supporting success and progression for students with diverse needs.

Calculating the allocations

The funding streams and formulae used for calculating the allocations from the £158.5 million available are as follows:

  • 103.5 million to continue funding for learning and teaching strategies and supporting professional standards. To be paid to HEIs and FECs with 100 or more full-time equivalents (FTEs), these funds are calculated pro rata to 2005-06 standard resource from the teaching funding model

  • 40 million of new funds to support teaching informed by research in HEIs and FECs. Not all institutions receive allocations from this stream since it is calculated using quality related (QR) research funding per student FTE as a proxy measure. We have set a threshold of 500 QR per FTE, subtracted each institution's QR per FTE from the threshold, and multiplied this figure by the institution's student numbers. Institutions with QR per FTE greater than the threshold are excluded from the allocation

  • 15 million to continue our support for student and staff volunteering opportunities in HEIs. This is calculated pro rata to student and academic staff numbers, as with previous funding under the Higher Education Active Community Fund (HEACF). Eighty per cent is allocated to institutions pro rata to their total student FTE taken from the HESA student record 2004-05. Twenty per cent is allocated pro rata to staff FTEs taken from the HESA staff record 2004-05. We have set a maximum allocation of £279,000 and a minimum of £15,000. We are holding back 85,000 from the total allocation for the annual awards ceremony for student and staff volunteering, and other associated costs.

More detailed information showing how the three elements above are allocated to each institution can be viewed here [MS Excel 75K]. We do not require institutions to plan spending in the national priority areas to mirror these calculations, but institutions may find the information useful as a guide.

Final allocations to institutions

The final allocations to institutions can be viewed here [MS Excel 42K]. They take into account changes in higher education provision since the indicative allocations were announced in March 2006.

Embedding learning and teaching activities

We are seeking to ensure that learning and teaching strategies and activities become fully embedded in all institutions over the next three years. We have published a good practice guide (HEFCE 2006/35) to help HEIs assess the HEFCE-funded activities that support their learning and teaching strategies, so that they can maximise the impact of those activities and embed them in a sustainable way.

For further information please contact Alan Palmer, tel 0117 931 7430, e-mail

Last updated 24 July 2008