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Brown, Richard, DEMOS, corp creator. (2023) The AI Generation: How universities can prepare students for the changing world.

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Mackenzie, Polly, DEMOS, corp creator. (2021) The Social State: From Transactional to Relational Public Services.

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Todd, Jonathan, DEMOS, corp creator. (2014) Up to the job.

Phillips, Andrew, Bush, Lucy and Walcott, Stephen, DEMOS, corp creator. (2023) Wall to wall support : joining up public services and housing for vulnerable children, young people and families.

Grist, Matt, Birdwell, Jonathan, Gregory, Thomas and Ousbey, Jenny, DEMOS, corp creator. (2011) Youth labour's lost.

DEMOS, corp creator. (2015) The commission on apprenticeships.

O'Leary, Duncan, DEMOS, corp creator. (2008) A common language: making English work for London.

Bradwell, Peter, DEMOS, corp creator. (2010) The edgeless university: why higher education must embrace technology.

Lexmond, Jen, Bazalgette, Louise and Margo, Julia, DEMOS, corp creator. (2010) The home front.

Judson, Ellen and Smith, Josh, DEMOS, corp creator. (2020) A room of one’s own : a guide to private spaces online : October 2020.

O'Leary, Duncan and Oakley, Kate, DEMOS, corp creator. (2008) The skills paradox: confronting inequality in adult learning.

Hilhorst, Sacha, Lockey, Alan and Speight, Tom, DEMOS, corp creator. (2018) A society of readers.

Birdwell, Jonathan, Birnie, Rutger and Mehan, Rishab, DEMOS, corp creator. (2013) The state of the service nation : youth social action in the UK : June 2013.

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Bazalgette, Louise, Barnes, Matt and Lord, Chris, DEMOS, corp creator. (2012) A wider lens.

Lasko-Skinner, Rose and Sweetland, James, DEMOS
Food Standards Agency (FSA), corp creators. (2021) Food in a Pandemic: From Renew Normal: The People's Commission on life after Covid-19.

Rahman, Hasib, Bartlett, Jamie and Lexmond, Jen, DEMOS
Mosque and Imams National Advisory Board (MINAB), corp creators. (2010) Engaging mosques: a DEMOS and MINAB toolkit for involving young people.

Judson, Ellen, Atay, Asli, Krasodomski-Jones, Alex, Lasko-Skinner, Rose and Smith, Josh, DEMOS
National Democratic Institute, corp creators. (2020) Engendering hate : the contours of state-aligned gendered disinformation online : October 2020.

Vibert, Simone, DEMOS
Shire Pharmaceuticals Limited, corp creators. (2018) Your attention please: the social and economical impact of ADHD.

Ussher, Kitty, Rotik, Monique and Jeyabraba, Maiyoraa, Demos, corp creator. (2021) Post Pandemic Places: From Renew Normal: The People's Commission on life after Covid-19: March 2021.

Mackenzie, Polly and Sweetland, James, Demos, corp creator. (2020) Rebooting Britain: from Renew Normal: The People's Commission on Life after Covid-19: December 2020.

Glover, Ben, Jones, Elliott and Procter, Rob, Demos, corp creator. (2020) Research 4.0 : Research in the age of automation.

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