Preparing to teach literacy

An aspect review of initial teacher education: the quality of the preparation of student teachers to teach literacy from pre-school to S2

A report by HM Inspectorate of Education
March 2002


1. The literacy curriculum
1.1 Types of programme
1.2 Curriculum structure - time allocations and balance
1.3 Overview of programmes
1.4 Opportunities for choice and extension
1.5 Support and guidance for staff in HEIs and schools
1.6 Summary
2. Learning and teaching
2.1 Overview of learning and teaching
2.2 Learning and teaching in the HEIs and on school placements
2.3 Summary
3. Assessment and student teacher attainment
3.1 Formal requirements
3.2 Assessment of student teacher attainment
3.3 Student teacher attainment
3.4 Summary
4. Resources
4.1 Provision and accessibility of literacy resources in HEIs and schools
4.2 Provision of staff
4.3 Summary
5. Management and quality assurance
5.1 Leadership and teamwork
5.2 Deployment of staff
5.3 Staff development relating to literacy
5.4 Quality assurance of the literacy element of ITE programmes
5.5 Partnership between the HEIs and schools
5.6 Summary
6. Agenda for action
Annex 1